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GPS Clock

GPS Clocks reflect our application of state of the art technology. Housing of these digital products is made of HIPS material/flame proof 304 grade stainless steel/mild steel with powder coated surface. These are offered in 147 x 213 x 46mm/ 290 x 93 x 36 mm/ 333 x 265 x 87 mm/ 307 x 227 x 37 mm/500 x 291 x 39 mm dimension.  These maintain 57 mm display size. Suitable for wall or table mounting purpose, these are offered with different backlight color based choices. These products are suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas. Antenna based version of GPS Clocks comprise of 866 MHz wireless transmitter and GPS receiver module. 
Product Image (GDT Master)

GPS Master Clock

The Master Unit receives highly accurate Atomic time information from a network of GPS satellites to transmit the same at regular intervals to all Display Clocks within a range of 300m radius through Wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals. Apart from receiving Time signals from the Master units via RF, all Display Clocks also have function to retransmit the Time signals via RF to other nearby clocks within a range of 300 m. Depending on the site layout, Area & Distance, the optimum number of Master & Clock units need to be decided to ensure full coverage.